Core Range

Darkland Brewery Wolfenbrau Pump Clip

4.0% abv

Brewed with five different malts and hopped with Magnum and Cascade to give a well balanced dark ruby coloured ale.

Brewed for Bradford death metal band Valafar.

Darkland Brewery Red Beard Pumpclip

Red Beard
4.0% abv

5.0% abv

An American style pale ale, late hopped for a mellow bitterness and a massive hop flavour.

Darkland Brewery ISA Pumpclip

4.4% abv

An easy drinking session blonde ale, dry hopped with Cascade to give a light finish.

Darkland Brewery Cats Eye Pumpclip

Cat’s Eye
4.8% abv

Silky, creamy and smooth with moderate roasted and chocolate flavour. This stout is a tribute to the inventor Percy Shaw who created reflecting road studs (cat’s eyes) in 1934, a stone’s throw from our brewery.

Darkland Brewery Bohemian Raspberry Pumpclip

Bohemian Raspberry
3.8% abv

You’ll find no syrups here, only real raspberries. This refreshing, creamy blonde is the perfect session ale, with its juicy taste and fruity aroma, you’d be a raspberry fool not to try it!

Our second signature ale brewed in collaboration with the fantastically talented Chantel McGregor.

Seasonal and Specials Range

Pale Green
4.4% abv

A seasonal pale ale hopped with this year’s locally grown green Challenger hops and dry hopped with Cascade. The hops on the pump clip are the fresh hops that went into the beer.

3.3% abv

An amber ale with five different types of malt and a well balanced flavour. A nice smooth session ale.

4.0% abv

A light, easy drinking pale ale with a rounded maltiness and a sweet uplifting hop finish.

4.5% abv

A porter with rich chocolate and coffee notes and a lush creaminess giving way to a roasted finish.

4.0% abv

Summat Else
4.6% abv

Malty flavours, gently hopped and it’s gorgeous.

Dangerous. It will creep up on you.